Demonic Descent
Demonic Descent is a classic infinite runner style game where the player plays as Deuce, a damned soul sentenced to plumet through the depths of Hell for all eternity. As Deuce plummets through Hell, he must dodge an onslught of demons and other obstacles. Unlike your typical infinite runner, Demonic Descent features 5 bosses to defeat along with a boss rush mode.
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Demonic Descent SS1 Demonic Descent SS2 Demonic Descent SS3 Demonic Descent SS4 Demonic Descent SS5
Fully Loaded
Fully Loaded is a game where loading bars duke it out to see who can finish loading first. Load against the AI and load against your friends to see who can load the fastest.
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Ultimate Head Stompers: GOTY 60 FPS Edition
A quick little game jam game I put together. The goal of the game is to stomp on your opponet's head which will knock him out of the arena. Download an early release here.
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