Poly Dude
Poly Dude is a side scrolling, action, platformer game inspired by the Mega Man games. The evil DodecaheDude has taken control of all the shapes in a plot to rules the world. Poly Dude is the only one that can stop him, due to being the perfect shape, a sphere. Defeat the minions that DodecaheDude has sent out to conquer the world and gain their powers.
Poly Dude isn't fully finished. But a demo can be downloaded here.
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Poly Dude SS1 Poly Dude SS2 Poly Dude SS3 Poly Dude SS4
Steelborne is a 2D fighter in which giant robots battle it out in space! What else do you need to know! Download coming soon.
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LoZ: ALttP Final Boss Fight
I wanted to try remaking the final battle between Link and Ganon in ALttP after seeing Billy Saltzman's awesome depiction of it. Play it here.
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